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Client Testimonials

"I am so very impressed with the 'Rolls Royce" newt fencing.  This is truly the best I've ever seen
and several leagues ahead of my own standards

Colin Hays, Principal Ecologist.  Ecology First. (Former DEFRA / Natural England officer)



"I have worked with FACE enterprises on mitigation projects for several years and have absolute
confidence in their knowledge, ability and experience.  I have always been more than satisfied with
their input into projects.  FACE have a better understanding of ecological issues that other
environmental contracting forms I have worked with, and I trust them to carry out the work on time,
to budget and at the quality we demand.

Nick Bonsall, Director and Principal Ecologies.  Access Ecology Ltd.



"I have worked with FACE Enterprises on many occasions over the years on a variety of projects. 
I am confident that they provide a high standard of work with regards to fencing erection,
pond and habitat creation and that the work is delivered on time.  They are always on hand
to provide advice or suggestions allowing the common goal to be achieved.

Steven Whitcher, Director & Consultant.  Whitcher Wildlife Consultants.


"They’re attitude was professional and the team trustworthy F.AC.E. were onboard from day one.
It was refreshing to be able to engage the services of someone dedicated and willing to offer their
support in all aspects extending beyond their remits"

By Ashley Bickler, Director, Hilmar Land & Investment Ltd.


“We have worked with FACE Enterprises on numerous projects ranging from habitat creation
(Water Vole, Reptile, Badger setts) to GCN and reptile fencing erection and have greatly appreciated
their thoroughness and efficiency. WE have also been impressed by their ability to meet deadlines,
even when having to erect almost 5km of GCN fencing during one of the wettest summers on record!
They have proven themselves to be reliable and always happy to provide practical advice on a wide  
range of matters, it has been a pleasure to work with them over the last 7 years"

Bob Simpson, Senior Ecologist. Faulks Perry Culley & Rech



"Mick and his team provided us with a very high standard of amphibian fencing on one of our sites
in the north-east. It was rapidly installed on a difficult site, over challenging terrain and in less than
perfect weather conditions! I would not hesitate to recommend FACE and intend to use them again."

Gavin Ward: Principal Environmental Consultant, WYG



"FACE Enterprises are a confident, supportive, and above all a very professional ecology organisation.  
They have proven to be most useful in helping to find solutions to the various and challenging
ecological issues that we have been presented with on our projects, but more importantly they
have met all deadlines exceeding beyond my expectations.  Face enterprises are a 1st class outfit
competent at all aspects from straight forward Natural England Licensing delivery to complete
mitigation.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with Face Enterprise thus far and I look forward
to maintaining this relationship and working with them again in the future."

Mokhtar Mohammed Scheme Project Manager